Hello World!

posted by Pavel Nikolov on October 31st 2012

Why now?

It is never too late to start blogging. After several unsuccessful attempts with blogging I decided to start again. I already had the domain name so it took me less than an hour to set up this site. In this blog I will share challenges that I face with my everyday web development work, ideas about new projects and new technologies. In addition to that, hopefully, I will get lots of feedback through comments and connect with people having the same interests.

Blog specs

The blog uses toto[1][2] – a lightweight minimalistic blog platform. The posts are text files using Mark Down syntax[3]. All posts are published with git push command :)

What to expect from me?

I’m a web developer and you should expect posts related to all sorts of web technologies. Both front-end and server side stuff. I am interested in node.js, Ruby on Rails (and maybe a little ASP.Net) so expect some posts covering those topics.

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