Daniel was born

My wife gave birth

I am very happy to say that finally our long-waited son was born on 11th of April 2014. Both my wife and the baby are fine. The baby is 54cm and weighs 3.670kg.

It all started early yesterday when me an my wife went to the hospital[1] about 5pm. The doctor said it was too early and sent us back home. It was raining after several hot weeks.

Later she started feeling pain and we went back to the hospital at 2am. This time it was the right time. After several minutes of filling documents we were moved to the 3rd floor and started waiting for the big moment. Our son was born at 9:45am. My wife did great job - she is my hero! I cut the umbilical cord. It was stronger than I had expected so had to put some effort to cut it off. I was there the whole time except. My wife was very tired but luckily everything is over now. The strangest thing is that when our son was born it suddenly became very cold outside and it started snowing like crazy after almost whole winter without snow it was snowing in April!

Meet our son Daniel

Pavel holds his son Daniel few minutes after he was born
Me holding our son after the birth

I can’t describe the feeling when they gave me the baby few minutes after the birth. I even cried a little :) This is one of the happiest moments in my life. Daniel was so small and cute. I was scared not to hurt him - he was so soft and “fragile”. I had mixed emotions. I was crying and laughing at the same time.

Few more days waiting

The doctors decided to keep my wife and the baby for 3 days in the hospital because the color of the amniotic fluid was greenish and the leukocytes of the baby were a little higher. I was allowed to see them only for one hour in the evenings. The time passed by very quickly and soon both Elena and Daniel were home with me.